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This is Gracie. She had a Mast Cell Tumor removed from her leg in September of 2020. We are so grateful to the foundation for helping us get this procedure covered. It allowed us to ensure she got care as quickly as possible.


The D&OUA Foundation has been nothing short of a miracle for my family.  Because of them, Moose was able to have his much-needed surgery and given the gift of mobility.  


This sweet and very sassy girl is Georgia, she will be 5 years old in September and is the queen of the house. She may be smaller than her brother and sister who are pit mixes but she keeps right up with them. Well in doing so she tore her right CCL in December and thanks to this amazing organization she was able to get repaired but her doctor did warn us that with one tear usually the other one will tear within a year due to overcompensating.  My girl likes to go big and didn't disappoint and completely tore her left CCL not even 6 months later.  Her first surgery was such a success and she recovered easily I'm hoping for the same with this knee and she can get back to her spunky, bossy, happy self! 

Georgia Duncan.jpg

On January 19th 2020 my family’s world was turned upside down, my Ju was hit by a car while trying to get inside of my car to go for a ride. (One of her favorite things to do) which caused her front leg to be broken. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time mentally, and financially. I had just recently stopped her wellness plan in the summer due to financial reasons. I have never been in this situation so I was unaware of how costly a veterinary bill could be! So of course I was overwhelmed when I was told her bill would be a few thousand dollars. I spent my entire paycheck getting her care the day of the accident but there was more to be done. I started a Go Fund Me that didn’t turn out so well . As I was running out of options I thought I would try to reach out to some fellow dog lovers but, in all the Facebook groups I am apart of asking for donations are not permitted! I thought I would try my luck anyway and I reached out to “Long Bois & the House Hippos” they responded back quickly and explained to me that they couldn’t ask for donations but all was not lost because they then told me about the D&OUA Foundation! I filled out an application and I received an response within 48hrs! Communication was at a 5 ⭐️ and I felt like I wasn’t alone they were with me every step of the way, not only did they contribute to Juju’s procedure but they were also there to give advice before an after. I will forever be grateful for all of their help because I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t have saved my baby girl. As of today JuJu is doing great she can still run at a full speed (which is very shocking she’s fast!) she can still jump and climb the stairs as she would if she had all 4 paws. Although I can see a slight change in her spirit she’s making the best of the situation. She gets tired quicker but that’s to be expected we’re working on building her strength. She also has doggie siblings as well as my twin 7 year olds and they’re keeping her on her toes she’s still the boss of the pack! I would like to thank everyone that was involved throughout this process on the behalf of my family and myself what you guys are doing is great keep up the good work!


Let me start by saying I AM NOT a cat person and swore I would only have dogs. BUT Preston came into our lives when we needed him the most. A close friend had recently passed away around the same time that the stray cat we found gave birth to a litter of kittens. I decided my girls could keep two and Preston was one of them. My youngest decided to name hers Preston after our dear friend since they were both gentle giants and both had big beautiful eyes. When Preston was about 1, he started getting awful ear infections that would go away with medication but would immediately come back when he was finished with the medication. Finally, we took him in for a second opinion and they determined he had a mass in his ear that if left untreated could cause hearing loss and other problems. The vet also recommended we take him to the WSU veterinary school since they have the proper tools needed to remove this mass. The total cost for surgery was not something I could ever afford on my own since I am a single mother and time has been extremely tough due to COVID. I had a hard talk with my daughter that we might have to put Preston down. I could not bear for my daughter to loss someone else so close to hear heart so I promised her I would do whatever I could to make this surgery happen for Preston. I immediately started a GoFundMe, then reached out to a long-time friend Jeff to see if he could help share our GoFundMe on Facebook. He then informed me that this is what he and his wife do, they help people that need help with vet bills, and he encouraged me to apply. Of course, I did, they made the process easy and were so helpful through the entire process. We really could not have done this without the entire D&OUA team! 

If it were not for D&OUA we would not have been able to help Preston. For that alone we are so extremely grateful!

Preston 1.jpg
Preston 2.jpg

Hope came to us about a year or so after my husband passed away.  I was driving home one day and there she sat at a K-Mart store with other puppies being given away.  I took her home at 8 weeks old and she has been a very important part of our family since.  She is the one of the kindest loving dogs I have ever known.  She has always been there when I was down and missing my husband.  She would come and either sit by me or lay by me and just lay her head on me.  I never would have made it through without her love.  When we found a baseball sized mass on her groin all I could think of was cancer and how I could not lose this girl.  Thanks to your foundation I was able to get it removed and found out it was NOT cancer.  I was so thrilled to hear the news.  This girl seems to know what everyone in the family needs.  With my daughter she runs and plays but with me she is so calm and relaxed and not overly excited.  Thank you to your foundation for the help with our little girl. .


If it wasn't for D&OUA Foundation Clyde would still be extremely restricted on a daily basis on exercise. He had double hip dysplasia bone on bone. D&OUA Foundation helped pay for the FHO surgery he needed. He's only 3yrs old and we wanted him to live his best with his 3 other brothers. We are so thankful to them!! 


When we first learned that Lena needed TPLO surgery on both knees, we were worried we couldn’t help her soon enough due to the financial burden it would add to our family. D&OUA Foundation was our saving grace. We were able to do both surgeries 5 months apart and now have a healthy and happy baby girl! We can’t express how thrilled we were to work with the foundation. Not only did they help our financial burden, but they continued to support us by checking in on Lena throughout her surgery and healing process! Because of their help, we were able to help Lena while we were adjusting to other life events! We are so thankful for the support and work that D&OUA Foundation provides! 


Did you know D&OUA was more than just a Facebook group? That's right! That Facebook group is also a WONDERFUL humanitarian foundation that saved my little family when I had nowhere else to turn. I found myself in a real tough spot in life & took a few losses. When I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. My living situation suddenly didn't allow for me to continue to live with my dogs & I had to scramble because losing my babies just wasn't an option. This group had become a daily dose of therapy & I felt comfortable sharing my situation because I was desperate for anyone to share a resource so I would be able to get my dogs seen about until I could get myself together. Some very sweet members of the group reached out & were able to donate money to take care of a boarding stay at my dog's vet but when I realized I needed more time getting things situated, Katelyn (sweet sweet angel & founder of the group),reached out & suggested I apply to the foundation for assistance. I took her advice & within hours, my need had been met. D&OUA covered the extended boarding stay at their vet & I was overjoyed. Because of this group... Although I had to say, "see you two later." I was also able to actually SEE THEM LATER & have my babies back with me. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do but also one of the bravest & most responsible decisions I had to make. I had time to focus on my own mental health & regroup & within a couple months things were back running. I write this with tears bc it's still one of the happiest days of my life getting to reunite with my babies. Although one day I'll know a life without Lainey & Jackson Avery, today I am able to kiss & cuddle them til they can't stand anymore & life with my 2 broke best friends is still a normal I get to live.

Thank you ALL SO much for what you did. You saved my babies & in doing so...

You saved ME.

Jackson Avery.jpeg
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