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This is Kain, he is the motivation behind our Foundation. His birthday is April 24, 2016. He is 75% American Stafford shire terrier and 25% American Bulldog. Kain was rescued by one of our founding members Jeffrey. His life was restricted to a crate outside covered in feces, urine and dirt. He was emaciated and emotionally destroyed. When Kain was rescued he found himself a loving home with a dad and another dog named Kilo. Over some time Kain and his family moved in with two other dogs and his new mom, and Kain was living his best life. 

     Over some time Kain's parents noticed some issues with his movements, so they took him into the vet. In November 2017 Kain got his first surgery on his right leg for a CCL tear in which his parents paid $4,500 out of pocket for. March 2018 Kain got another surgery on his left leg for a CCL tear as well as going back into the right leg to tighten the original CCL repair. Kain's parents raised the money to help pay for the second surgery. 

     Over the next coming months Kain started to improve and could start to play with his brothers and sisters. His parents still noticed something wasn't right so they took him back in again. In February 2019 Kain was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease which was going to require back surgery. Katelyn took to her dog facebook page to raise the funds; it was going to cost $6,000. They raised $14,000 in 33 minutes. 

     After the MRI and other test it was found that the best solution was to give Kain a series of steroid injections. Back surgery is scary for a human and for a dog, its terrifying. Katelyn and Jeffrey were so overwhelemed with the support from the people that follow their page on facebook they decided to take the additional funds and start Dogs and Advice Foundation. Kain might not know it, but him being strong and getting through what he went through will in turn save so many dogs lives and so many parents hearts. Thank you Kain, we dedicate this Foundation to you. 


        Dogs and Advice Foundation is a non-profit and exists to provide financial assistance to individuals who have experienced financial burdens due to unexpected veterinary bills and other life circumstances on a case by case basis. We also strive to provide hope, education and potential housing for the less fortunate of individuals in which they would help D&A Foundation get dogs ready to be adopted out through the foster process.

        Everyone goes through issues financially, personally and with their pets. We are here to do our best to help you get through that journey with piece of mind. Our organization's goal is to offer support and resources to qualified applicants. This is very common in low-income families with one or more dogs, but tragedy reaches all social classes and races. A financial and supplemental support approach will be used to accomplish this goal. The approaches that the organization will implement will include education on how to prepare financially for animal care, an application process to vet potential beneficiaries of funds, and continued support to provide education going forward.